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Cycling Without Age Alexandria

Our Mission

Cycling Without Age Alexandria (CWAA) pairs volunteer pilots with older adults and others of restricted mobility for bike rides. We promote volunteerism, intergenerational bonding and story-telling all while celebrating and enjoying nature.

CWAA uses the Big Ole Bike Club's PayPal account and 100% of your donation will go to CWAA. Click the Donate button to proceed to the PayPal checkout screen. Thank you for your support!

Cycling Without Age Alexandria has met our goal for a used Trio Bike to add to our fleet of trishaws to give rides to those with restricted mobility. You may still donate funds for other expenses to sustain this amazing program.

For 100% of your  donation amount going towards the trishaw project, please click this special link  to proceed to the PayPal checkout screen. You can contribute using your PayPal account or from a credit card.

You may also send a check to:

c/o Craig Andrews

1110 Tabbert Rd NW

Alexandria, MN  56308


Thank you for your support!

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Sign up to become a pilot!
Once signed up we will find a time to meet to show you how the trishaws operate so you can have the time of your life helping others enjoy the outdoors!

CWAA in the News

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Meet the Committee

Cally Endres

Nancy Klepetka

Craig Andrews

Alice Schmitz

With a passion for cycling, healthy lifestyles, involvement with youth, seniors and those with disabilities, we have been meeting for over a year to get our own chapter of Cycling Without Age started in our community of Alexandria.

We are now at a point to share the great news and seek support for this amazing project!

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CWA Story

Watch - Amazing Humans

About Cycling Without Age Globally

  • A non-profit international volunteer organization that takes elderly & less abled citizens out for free bike rides in specialized bikes called trishaws.

  • Established in 2012 in Copenhagen Denmark and now represented worldwide.

  • Provides an opportunity to experience life beyond the confines of a home, residence or facility.

  • Bringing everyone, across ages and abilities, together – connecting with nature and with the opportunity to share their stories.

  • Now spanning 39 countries world wide, 3,050+ chapters, 4,900+ trishaws, 39,000+ trained volunteer cycle ‘pilots’ (Oldest pilot 90).

  • Over 650,000  people have been on 3 million rides -  breaking free of social isolation and  loneliness – depression (Oldest rider 110).

  • Gives everyone the ‘right to wind in their hair’!

Our Journey

  • 100% Volunteer run

  • Cycling Without Age Alexandria reaches official Affiliate status, November 2022.

  • Big Ole Bike Club generously supports CWAA and becomes non-profit fiscal agent, November 2022.

  • Ongoing relationship building with Grand Arbor, Windmill Ponds, Alexandria YMCA, Alexandria Senior Center, Jakes Bikes, Alex Bike Shop and actively engaging additional community organizations and individuals.

  • Invited onto the International CWA IT Strategy Team to enhance the future technology platform for all Cycling Without Age Affiliates worldwide.

  • Secured grant-writing support from Age-Friendly Minnesota and Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging, January 2023.

  • Received state and national grants and donations from Big Ole Bike Club and the Mountaineers mountain bike team to purchase our initial 3 TrioBikes. They arrived in August 2023, meeting our first goal.

  • 2024 purchased a wheelchair accessible bike and a used TrioBike along with a trailer to haul them to various sites.

  • Have given over 380 rides and over 375 miles of pedaling since receiving the bikes, making many smiles and hearing lots of stories.

  • Pursuing funding through National and Community organizations to purchase additional trishaw bicycles and help sustain this amazing program and to continue free rides to seniors and those challenged with disabilities. 

CWAA 3 Trishaws_edited.jpg
CWAA Triobike.png


  • The trishaws are customized bikes with specific safety features built  in Copenhagen by TrioBike.  There are no such bikes in North America.

  • They are electric assist and hold two passengers + pilot.

  • Options include seat belts, fold up rain hood, additional batteries and fitted insulated blankets.

  • The cost per bike with delivery and accessories is estimated at $14,500 and are purchased through Cycling Without Age in Copenhagen.

CWAA Fair Ride1.jpg



  • A new sense of purpose and freedom.

  • Opportunities otherwise not available.

  • Positive physical, psychological, social impact.

  • New stories, friendships, hope…

  • Feeling valued, part of society with less social isolation = social change!


  • Pilot volunteers from all walks of life bringing their own experiences and stories.

  • Fulfillment and satisfaction giving back to their community and in serving the senior & disabled population.

  • Relationship building - strengthening community bonds, happiness and improving quality of life!​

The Community -

  • Enriches the community as a whole.

  • Promotes volunteerism, healthy opportunities and intergenerational relationships.

  • Encourages a ‘bike friendly’ environment.

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Contact for more information on how to help us meet our goals!

CWAA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, medical condition, sex or gender (including pregnancy), gender identity and/or expression (including a transgender identity), sexual orientation, marital status, military or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law.  We do not support political parties or candidates. 

If you prefer to send in a check, make it out to CWAA and mail to:

Craig Andrews

1110 Tabbert Rd NW

Alexandria, MN  56308

CWAA uses the Big Ole Bike Club's PayPal account and 100% of your donation will go to CWAA. Click the Donate button to proceed to the PayPal checkout screen. Thank you for your support!

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